NASCAR teams chartering AirTran (B737) to New Hampshire


The first commercial 737 charter flight at Concord Regional Airport is expected to occur Thursday afternoon, September 16th.

With the newly strengthened runway, widened taxiway, and FAA Part 139 Airport Operating Certificate, the Concord Regional Airport expects to see its first commercial 737 charter flight tomorrow, September 16th. The flight will be operated by AirTran Airlines using the same 737-700 aircraft that they use in their scheduled service operations and will be taking several race team crews to the NASCAR race in New Hampshire for this weekends race events.

The airport has been handing large aircraft commercial charter flights for a few years now, mainly regional jet sized aircaft, but this will be the largest commercial aircraft to yet use the City of Concord owned and operated airport.

See the full story on Concord Regional Airport’s Facebook page.


Wonder what happened cause looks like it went to Manchester, … /KJQF/KMHT


Isn’t Manchester in New Hampshire? …


Sure is, but wasn’t your whole post about Concord?


Concord Regional Airport (JQF) - Concord, NC.


Ok, I feel like a dummy now.
I was thinking KCON for some reason.
My apologies.

Wonder if Roush will bring the 727’s there now?


No worries. I should have specified in my post. I forgot that some of the teams fly from Concord-JQF to Concord-CON for this race. It’s my understanding that the Roush 727’s are too heavy for the ramp at JQF. SPEED Channel was out there videoing the NASCAR air traffic today. Suppose we’ll see something on SPEED in the near future