NASA U2 tracking oil

I presume. All the flights from May 6 are in the same general area. … /KEFD/KEFD

Yes, that’s it. … 9335f1b4ea

missed that one, must have been the day I worked last week.

I wish we could slip down to EFD and get a picture! :frowning:

Just hitch the team up to the buckboard and mozy on down.

:laughing: I wish I could just fly down there! :smiley:

Catching a cold?

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I was working in the Breton Sound/Chandeleur Island area last week (oil spill duty) and saw several military fast movers fly over throughout the day. Also saw several Air Force Tankers with dispersal heading to spill sight.

As in -135’s or -10’s? I know the 910AW is doing some dispersant work with their MASS birds but don’t know of any KC’s.

Don’t know what they were.

It wasn’t C-130’s though? Four engine turboprop?

The Supertanker is now in GPT … /KCNW/KGPT

and might start doing some dispersant spraying soon.

Yes it was. … dispersant

The reason they’re doing it is dumb! :unamused:

I see. I was confused because of the “tanker” reference, which is engraved in my head as KC-135’s or KC-10’s, both of which are practically incapable of spreading dispersant. However, MASS-equipped C-130’s (which happen to be from my unit 8) ) are (as far as I know) working their tails off right now.
Check out my unit’s site for some pictures/stories.

There are dedicated tanker C-130’s. They are based on the C-130F and are designated KC-130F. I don’t know if they are still active.

Cool pictures. Thanks for the link. I bet they are working their tails off because the planes were constantly flying missions over us.


Anytime, sir. That’s good to hear. I know originally there was kind of a “hands-off but be ready” status for the 757th. Now it doesn’t sound like that’s the case!

Far as I know, only the Marine Corps uses the KC-130…Navy might have some as well. Definitely still active.
All in all, a moot point seeing as how no tankers are capable of running double duty as a dispersant craft. The bladders/lines/hoses etc built into them are for fuel, and from what I know there HAS to be a positive connection between tanker and receiver in order for our current systems to pass gas…IN OTHER WORDS they couldn’t just put dispersant in their tanks and flush it out their probe/drogue.

So about NASA’s ER-2: what’s the deal with the new paint scheme? It used to be the NASA standard white with a gold-blue-gold cheat line, and now it looks like they selected odd sections of it to carry the U-2 style flat black with low-vis red markings?