Nasa Superguppy to Phila.!


Nasa Superguppy NASA 941 landed KHOP, a short time ago,set to depart to Philadelphia shortly,if theres anybody in the Philadelphia area.


Nope, nobody there. It’s my understanding that everyone in Philadelphia left because, well, it’s Philadelpha.


I’d rather spend the rest of my life in Philly than spend one minute in Cleveland.


Hey! Leave Cleveland alone. There are enough drinking establishments in Cleveland to make it bearable if you so choose.


They just don’t have enough bug spray!


I don’t drink… :wink:


…but if you moved to Cleveland, you just might start… :astonished:


OOOOoooooooh! GOOoooood ONE!


And you call yourself a pilot…?


Well… Yeah! I just don’t call myself a “CHARTER PILOT”! :mrgreen:


sorry Dami, but I’d take Philly, or even Cleveland, any day over Castro Valley.

From Wikipedia: During the 1940s and 1950s, Castro Valley was known for its chicken ranches. Being unincorporated, it is governed by the county and does not have any city services. To date, all efforts to incorporate Castro Valley have been voted down by its residents.


Guppy back in Houston! … /KHOP/KEFD


No *city *services but we aren’t in the wilderness here. Why, just the other day we got this new fangled thing called electricity!

The article in Wikipedia is misleading. We have police service (both Alameda County Sheriff and the California Highway Patrol), fire department (Alameda County), schools (our own district), garbage collection (Waste Management, which also provides services to the incorporated cities in the county), water, sewer, etc.

Much rather live in Castro Valley than PHL or CLE: we don’t get snow here!

I do wish that the people in Castro Valley would see the benefits of being incorporated, the number one of which is that the stupidvisors would no longer be the “leaders.”

Besides, my original posting was a take-off on WC Fields and was not meant to be taken seriously. I forgot to put my disclaimer about it being humor. So sorry!