N90FT Galaxy 200 off runway at Teterboro today . . .

FlightAware Flight Tracker for Flight Works Galaxy N90FT.

Aircraft ‘rolled’ off the runway ‘06’ (6,000 foot runway) upon arriving from Jacksonville FL. The 2 crew and 3 passengers were uninjured, incident briefly shut down Teterboro.

From the photo - doesn’t appear he went off the end, maybe missed a turn?,
or veered off a low speed??

myfoxny.com/dpp/news/local_n … oro-100121

News video, aircraft is Florida based, I’m guessing the flight crew didn’t realize just how tight the turn was, and went off the turn, and got stuck in the mud heading back to the runway.

Doesn’t appear to be damaged at all, low speed, off runway excursion, however most certainly embarrassing. Especially with so many corporate flight crews around!!!

Hmmm…a late S/N G200…

Gonna try to pick it up cheap?!?!? :smiley:



I pulled the ATC files for the 21st between 14:00Z and 15:00Z and there’s absolutely no chatter or conversation, which is odd.

Nice bird none the less.