N8116L King Air ditches in caribbean


flightaware.com/live/flight/N811 … /KFXE/TNCC
Looks like they got out OK judging by the photo :open_mouth:
flightaware.com/photos/view/1343 … crafttype/

forum.scramble.nl/viewtopic.php? … c0ff750ef5
According to this forum it was brand new and being ferried to Brazil and they ran out of fuel.


Oops- whats the range on the king air?


About 17.1 miles to little.


From the beech website range is highly dependent on payload

Range: Max Payload 298 nm
Range: Full Fuel/Available Payload 1,236 nm
Range: 4 Passengers 1,192 nm
Range: Ferry 1,310 nm

Their trip was 1,075nm (IF I converted the Statue miles on Flight aware to NM correctly)

So depending on what they were carrying and
how much fuel they should have made it


Range should be stated in time aloft. Headwinds, tailwinds, ISA + etc will get ya.


ever get any more information on this? (fuel mismanagement, fuel leak, other?) it’s been 2 months now…

I’ve been searching NTSB for accident report, but haven’t heard any more about this