Does anyone know if these two aircraft are owned by the UFC?


If you put the tail number into the flight tracker box you’ll get the owner.

In this case both aircraft are owned by F & L AVIATION LLC (LAS VEGAS NV).


Don’t confuse them with F.L. Aviation at FXE (they still owe me $600+)


Be glad you didn’t work for one of the many Sentient victims. Talked to a guy the other day who is out almost $9,000 for one month’s expenses.

$600 still sucks though.


Are they a broker? we do business with a company called scientist


Yeah, no kidding, but that doesn’t mean that F&L isn’t some sort of holding company.


I used to work for Banyan, and F.L. was always a headache. They also have some odd ties to the Venezuelan gov’t.


No Esteban and the entire Fraga family was kicked out of VZ, he HATES Hugo Chavez, Chavez took his company and now owes the Fraga family $22 Billion dollars .
Esteban sneeks back into VZ all the time. I use to pick him up in TNCC he’d get off a Commander from VZ and on to the -35 or the G-III.

Esteban is a cool dude- his brother Louis’s pilot is the dude that ripped me off, he was in charge of paying out the money and “lost some receipts”

What ever I honesty don’t care it’s not that much money and half is owed to my FO.

I did hate paying EVERYTHING in cash- I’d go to the office and pick up $10k for a trip. it was crazy walking around in South America with that kind of scratch on me.

BUT Banyon HATED me- I was just the pilot- It’s funny going in there now and having my d*** s**** by the staff now that I work for Sky Limo…


Why would they insist on paying in cash? Seems a little dangerous to carry that around. Did they do all of their own flight planning?


Yes I did all my own flight planning- Fltplan.com is a godsend


Large amounts of cash are the norm when operating in many parts of the world. Credit may be difficult or impossible to arrange, and cash is needed for “emergencies”. Like when El Jefe needs a little pocket money. :wink:


I have found few places that require cash only. Almost (95%) of the places I work with give credit or will take a credit card.


Care to elaborate on where you’ve had this experience? If solely within the continental US you’ve missed the point of the discussion.

Back in the day it was not uncommon to carry several $100K in the safe aboard ship to pay “incidental” port and handling charges that would often arise in places such as Lagos, Mumbai, Ras Tanura, Ciudad Bolivar and other scenic stops.

Nowadays the ships carry more, as do the pilots flying in these countries.


Not sure where ships came into the equation, and if we are discussing international trips over 15 years ago, then I can see the need to carry cash. Most of my dealing are outside of the US, that being said, I would feel 100% safer carrying around 20-50k around the US. Leaving the US ~ No Sir ~ ! IMO if your boss is telling you to carry 100k plus on international trips to avoid paying 3-4k to a service provider he is putting the crew in danger!


Times are a little tuff and you do what you have to do to earn money. If you refuse to carry cash- Well he’ll just find another pilot that will.


Granted, but there are owners who believe that it’s part of the crews’ responsibilities to “handle” these matters when they arise and not bother the owner with “details”.

There are many places where a few judiciously placed C notes will ensure that when the garda/policia/troops arrive to surround your aircraft the guns will remain pointing outward. Is this something that should be handled by an agent? Certainly. Are there owners who begrudge the agent’s fee? Absolutely, and will often go to ridiculous extremes to prove they can get by without one.


I did a trip to BOG a few months ago. The owner had a meeting that took 4 hours.
The FBO charged me $1440 for handing and I didn’t even buy fuel.
4 hours on the ramp and customs fees. THATS INSANE. It wasn’t my money but I argued with the handler for 20min over the price.


Oh, I didn’t know that.

And you work for Sky Limo now? I’m sorry…


Sky Limo isn’t a bad place to work. I made captian on the G200 in a month and a half.
Its a good place to work.


Too bad you have to be a graphic artist to be a beech jet f/o and your D.O. is a felon. Oh and pay for your own training.