N71CC Saberliner 60 belly landing at FXE Apr 9/2011


Aircraft departed FXE for PBI - on approach to PBI the gear would not extend, crew elected to return to FXE.

Guessing they didn’t have a lot of fuel, they did a couple of 360’s over the Everglades, and decided to land runway ‘08’ on it’s belly.

Runway was shut down for some time while they removed the Sabreliner - looks like a perfect belly landing - minimum damage, no injuries.






LiveAtc archives - go to archive, KFXE, Apr 9 1730z - 1800z
fast forward to last ten minutes.

Sabre is on final behind a Citation, Tower asks if he is gear down,
pilot replies - we’re belly landing!!!


go to Apr 9 at 13:45 you’ll see the Sabre over the Everglades
doing 360’s then lands at 13:57.