C152 Crash & Burn @ KSEE

I was watching activity at KSEE…I left about 40 minutes before this happened.
Video just after the crash
Looks like it was 27L.
Nothing on the NTSB site as of yet

“Hard Landing” Ha! I invite them to fly with me, my bouncer 17 kt 90* crosswind component landings would be considered Royal Crown Pomade.

I’d say that was a hard landing. Lucky guy! That’s with the Cessna landing gear, those things are vitually springs.

According to officials, the pilot was on his second solo flight…

Will the pilot attempt a 3rd solo flight?

It seems the guy never even flared. I went out there yesterday and saw where it crashed…It was only a few feet past the runup area, about 150’ from the approach end of 27L. And judging from the color of the tail, I believe the plane belongs to one of the schools at KSEE…thousands of hard landings adding straws to the camel’s back…this one broke it.

FAA Prelim

After further review, N64938 almost made it 30 years since its airworthiness cert date…

I’m not going to suggest fuel starvation in this one. Glad nobody was injured or killed.

reasonable assumption 8)

NTSB Probable Cause issued.