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Jetsuite Phenom 100 Redstripe substantially damaged . . .

Aircraft was landing at Sedona Airport - when it reportedly over ran the runway - and dropped 200 - 300 feet down a hill.

Co-pilot suffered back injury, the other 4 persons on board are said to have suffered minor injuries.


Local News and video

Sedona Airport

Flickr Photos - Jetsuite Phenom 100’s

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Update; 5 person’s on board - all were able to walk back up the hill themselves.

View of Sedona Airport; americaairtours.com/Grand%20 … ay%206.htm

Aircraft was landing on runway ‘21’.

source vaca06/flickr

Aircraft involved is N224MD - owned by a San Diego Neurosurgeon Dr. Lokesh Tantuwaya, registered to Superior Air Charter LLC and operated for JetSuite Air.

All the JetSuite Aircraft are operated by Superior or Navintair.

azfamily.com/video/yahoo-vid … 25404.html

Video shows the accident site and drop off clearly, very lucky crew and passengers.

I guess the cost of brain surgery just went up.


The fuselage of this aircraft (as of Jan 14th 2013) is in a small storage yard about a mile west of Phoenix Sky Harbor airport. I was not allowed to look closely at the remains… I could see the full left side of the fuselage, left side engine is still in place, stab, wings and tail cone were detached and not seen. I was not allowed to look at the right side, could not see the #2 engine from my vantage point. Airframe still shows accident damage to the underside, and is still painted and carrying he ‘Jetsuite’ titles.

It is not visible from the street, and I was told the aircraft is stored per the instructions of the insurance company. I was not allowed to photograph it.