N55BW Commander 500 - hit by drunk driver . . .

Unsure of the date of the ‘incident’, but the aircraft is up for salvage and the last entry on the log book reads as follows;

“This aircraft was parked in a parking lot at Benton Airport (O-85). It was struck by a large van being driven by a drunk driver. The van struck the right horizontal stabilizer and right fuselage area, knocking the tail almost completely off the aircraft. The aircraft spun 180 [degrees] and the tail area struck a building.”


Welcome back robbreid! You haven’t been around here for awhile.

How ironic that the aircraft struck by a drunk driver has a registration # thats end with “Whiskey”!

Don’t ya think?

That’s actually the #1 reason why I never park my plane in a parking lot.

When I was growing up, one of my dad’s flying buddies had a Cherokee with a registration that ended in Whiskey Sierra. The plane was universally known as Whiskey Soda and referred to as such on the radio. The name was no coincidence either.

it’s like rAAAAAAAAaaaaiiiiiin…