N385EM Citation 650 fatal nose dive from FLL330...photo...


Accident occured in Venezula on February 18th, 1700 local time.
Two crew plus aircraft owner perished when aircraft reportedly nosedived from FLL330 striking the ground perpendicular. (Initial reports).

Aircraft departed USA
Flightaware on February 13th. It departed Valencia-Arturo Michelena International Airport (VLN/SVVA), Venezuela enroute to Puerto Ordaz/Ciudad Guayana-General Manuel Carlos Piar Airport (PZO/SVPR), Venezuela.

Aircraft crashed in Caico Seco Venezuela.



What a shame. Not sure what they’ll find, but it’s a sure reminder to keep those oxygen masks clear and ready to don.


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http://www.websmileys.com/sm/sad/861.gif If you ever wondered what the Payne Stewart accident site looked like…


Actually it looked like this. Pretty much augered straight in. Lack of post crash fire. I wonder if they ran out of fuel?



What’s going on with Venezuela flying all the sudden? That’s 3 now since January? :open_mouth:


Per ntsb.gov/Pressrel/2000/001121.htm looks like it flew 4 hours before fuel exhaustion.



N385EM Citation 650-III was currently listed for sale with 9562 TT.
It was an ex-Flight Options aircraft, and was currently owned by
Nelson Federico Jimenez, and was based in Caracas Venezulea and crewed by Venezulean pilots.


Yet the conspiracy hypothesizers think that the crater in Pennsylvania wasn’t made by UAL93 because “there was no aircraft sized debris.” Show them this picture.


Wouldn’t make any difference, they’re not known for letting facts get in the way of their preconceived notions.


Do you think Hugo’s shooting them down?


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Oh come on, you don’t see those contrails? (that in my area are far less prevalent in the Summer since the lapse rate is higher making the condensation level higher causing a few less contrails that we see in the winter)?? You’re just eating what you’re being fed while they are feeding you the lies, they are out there changing the weather and infecting our children with their rain of death.

(Tongue inserted cheek for those who may not have seen the thread on the Dale Gribbles a few weeks back)

The thing I hate about this Citation accident is, from 33000 it might very well have been an inflight breakup or a control failure, there is no crosscheck or band-aid, so to think of the helplessness of the crew, just sucks. Obviously I’m not experienced nor have the info to draw an accurate conclusion but hopefully at least they can come to a conclusion for future use but it looks like they’ve got their work cut out for em.


I hope that some one will look at the Horizontal Stab. A.D. S.B and numerous failures in the Stab. Actuator, Stab. Act. controller, and switch issues. Very poor history.


Click Here photos from Venezulean website.

Hmmm, didn’t mean to bring the post alive again, however I’ve not heard a word on the investigation???


For those who don’t read spanish, the above site basically says they recovered the black box, and some info is usable…but not much else,
long story short. My girlfriend (USA/Venezuela dual citizen) gave me the short version after reading it, but isn’t sure how those authorities work, as far as releasing info, etc…
Anybody know if any US inspectors helped out with this one?


From what I recall, Cessna was sending down some investigators, but the NTSB was uninvited. Though the Cessna had a US registration, it was owned/crewed/and based in Venezuela.

ntsb.gov/ntsb/foreign.asp This is the FAA list of all current foreign investigations.


Oh my, they must have been going really fast.


Does anyone know what was recovered in the black box? Alex will be greatly missed…what a wonderful person!!


The investigation is under the jurisdiction of the Government of Venezuela.

Further information ‘may’ be obtained from:

Junta Investigadora de Accidented de Aviacion
Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Infraestructura
Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela
Av. Francisco de Miranda
Torre MINFRA, Piso-20
Caracas, Republic de Bolivariana de Venezuela
Tel: 58 (212) 2015551

Email: atencionalciudadano@infraestructura.gob.ve
Tel: 58 (212) 2015551

infraestructura.gob.ve/porta … lleMenu=51


Info hard to come by???

Sorry about your loss, Alex Gonzalez, along with the co-pilot Carlos Alvarez, and the aircraft owner Nelson Jimenez.

Aircraft was operated by Flight Options in the past, I know it had a CVR which was recovered, and there was one news release stating ‘Black Box found 9 meters deep in the crater, 16 hours after the accident’. It further noted it held the airspeed, altitude and engine information.

You may try emailing the persons above, if you find out anything, please let us know.