N286MC Maytag Cessna 650 off runway excursion . . .

Friday Dec 12/08, N286MC Cessna 650 (Citation VII) landing on runway 2 at Concord Regional Airport in North Carolina at 14:30 local, over ran the runway by approximately 90 feet.

There were no injuries to the two crew, and two passengers, runway lighting is said to be damaged, and any damage to the aircraft is unknown at this time.

Aircraft is said to have ‘veered’ on the runway, before skidding off the end.
N286MC arrived from Chicago Midway via KBEH.


This aircraft is blocked on FlightAware, so that should mean it is blocked on all sites. However it appears here;

hellochattanooga.com/Flight. … ght=N286MC

Wow… thats not going to help them sell it. That airplane has been for sale for over a month…

Sounds like the Maytag Repairman will finally have something to do.


Just a shot here, wonder if it was inbound for a demo to a Nascar driver, team? There are a few that are looking.