The mystery of N2121 landed at SFO (SFIA) this afternoon approx 1330 hours. The destinctive plain-white 737 with the unusual 4-digit tail number “N2121” in light gray paint was flagged onto the tarmack at Signature Private Air.

Two Heavy outbounds on the parallels 10L & 10R were “HOLD IN POSITION” for N2121 to cross over to Signature’s ramp.

The 737 was met by a Fly-SFO stairway truck and three “golfcarts” modified to transport baggage. A dark blue MiniVan with tinted windows positioned itself at the bottom of the airstairs. Several dark suited men exited then van and watched the ground crew’s every move.

I watch in curiousity, expecting to see shackled Government’s witnesses hobble down the airstairs. Only two women and a man exited the plane at first (without handcuffs).

The ground crew used a short ladder rather than a belt loader to begin removing items from the forward belly pit. The most noticable item was a wheelchair designed for someone especially handicapped. And it was NOT made in an adult’s size. It was placed in the rear of the blue MiniVan.

A few moments later two adults appeared to man-carry a smaller person from the 737 down the stairs and into the MiniVan. The planes pilot dressed in dark suit and tie then began his decent down the stairs, hugged someone who met him halfway, and he then walked over to Signature Air’s office (paperwork and flight plan, maybe Pee too).

There was one very ODDBALL piece of this tarmack activity. A longhaired guy maybe in his 30’s also debarked the 737 and didn’t seem to be connected with anyone else there. Evidently his luggage was in the 737’s rear belly pit but it got mixed in on the golfcarts’ fore-pit luggage.

He finally managed to fish-out his rucksack and a blue snow board, and walk away alone from the rest of the passengers and unattached to them.

The blue MiniVan exited through the field gate off to “wherever”; the Snowboarder vanished. The Pilot put this step ladder back up into the forward belly pit and shut the door. He climbed the airstairs and shut the cabin door. The Fly-SFO airstairs backed-up and drove away.

Within minutes the 737 was at power and taxied a few thousand feet north to 10L as the #1 position for take off. He just turned left onto the runway, never hesitating at the HOLD bars. Powered-up and was in the air before crossing runway 1L. Had a really cool steep assent, too!

Saw all this while eating a couple of chicken sandwiches today in my car at lunchtime in Signature’s parking lot. Who were these passengers?

A 737 doesn’t ordinarily stray away from the mainstream airport terminal. It can, but isn’t logical. But special charters often require special ground facilities. I’ll give them that.

The plane’s tail number caught my eye. VERY Unusual. The FAA doesn’t like Special tail numbers. So I came home to Google it. That brought me here to FlightAware… With curiousity about N2121.

There are lots of posting about the aircraft’s unusual tail number. That proves people DO get out of the house and note things out of the ordinary. But I haven’t read anything as defining about that plane as I witnessed today. Today the aircraft may have been Chartered on a mission of hope for someone who fits the terrible wheelchair I saw today.

Maybe the snow boarding guy paid for the whole damned flight.

I only pass along what I saw today at lunch, and not judgement. But that little Guppy 737 really now has me curious… Who is it? Where does it go? Who owns it and fuels and maintains it. What does she do and why?

Post your ideas

Registered to Shangri-La EntertainmentC/O Av JEt in Burbank,so maybe associated with movie studio or production company on a special flight.