N1UP C650


I’ve been trying to track down the actual owner for a while and nada. Comes back to N1UP LLC at the famous 1209 N Orange St. Wilmington, DE. It’s a plain-jane painted a/c, so I don’t know if it’s UPS or Union Pacific or who!



Google suggest it’s Jim Blankemeyer, the minister.


Used to be operated by Upjohn Co along with N2UP, don’t know if they still are.


N1UP is currently for sale in Controller, but is also being operated by a charter company out of Nashville, TN. It was regularly used by Taylor Swift prior to her purchasing the Falcon. It was used by Reba McEntire last week for several hops on her tour schedule.


“One up” was flown out of Smyrna (MQY) for awhile when I worked line service there. They flew it out of BNA often as well. Not sure about the owner, these planes change hands monthly it seems.