Britney Federline's Gulfstream


Not sure if this is her personal plane, but I pulled it off of a picture.

It does make a few stops at KPQL (Lousiana) where she is from.

I don’t think so, as it is registered to Union Oil Company.

That tinyurl redirects to, which hangs for me. However, the aircraft owner is displayed on FlightAware pages. “UNION OIL COMPANY CALIFORNIA (EL SEGUNDO CA)” in this case. You can hover over the name for the address.

I pulled it off of a group of photos online I can’t seem to link to again. I’m getting tired of trying to distinguish what is going to bring me to smut and what is going to bring me to where I want to be.

I guess you’re just going to have to take my word on it!!!

It’s not that hard to fomd aircraft pictures on the Internet.

Do a Google search using the registration. If you click on the results that show an address of or then you have a non-smut picture.

Better yet, go directly to or and enter your search terms. has its search engine on its home page. However, they also have very annoying multiple pop-under ads.

You need to click on the “take me to the photo search page” button to get to the search engine on but the plus is they don’t have the stupid pop-under ads.

A picture of N7601 on is at

On, N7601 is shown at

(I was actually referring to the pic of Britney boarding the jet).

Just as easy to find:
Once I found out the Federline was Spears, I entered “britney spears” and “jet” into google image search and found the picture.

You can see the “fascinating” picture at

Now, the bigger question is: Why would anybody with an iq of more than 8 or is older than 3 really give a damn about Britney Spears boarding an airplane, who she marries, or anything else? :smiley:

Well, it’s possible, with a little research, that Union Oil Co. has their jet on someone’s charter certificate.

It doesn’t appear to be on anyone’s charter certificate:

From the FAA Registry
N-Number Inquiry Results
N7601 is Assigned

Assigned/Registered Aircraft
Aircraft Description

Serial Number 1245
Type Registration Corporation
Manufacturer Name
Certificate Issue Date 12/30/1997
Model G-IV
Status Valid
Type Aircraft Fixed Wing Multi-Engine
Type Engine Turbo-Jet
Pending Number Change None
Dealer No
Date Change Authorized None
Mode S Code 52442003
MFR Year 1994
Fractional Owner NO

Registered Owner

Street 2141 ROSECRANS AVE STE 4000
City EL SEGUNDO State CALIFORNIA Zip Code 90245-4746


Engine Manufacturer ROLL-ROYCE Classification Standard
Engine Model TAY 611SER Category Transport

  	  	  	A/W Date 	08/25/1994

Other Owner Names


Temporary Certificate

Certificate Number T977406 Issue Date 12/30/1997 Expiration Date 01/29/1998

Fuel Modifications

Looks like it’s a $5000/hr charter from Clay Lacy.

Union Oil Company is probably the trustee.

KPQL is in Mississippi, not Louisiana.

I saw the RSVP site, also. I checked the Clay Lacy site and there was no mention of N7601. There’s also no mention of N7601 in the 2005/06 JP Airlines Fleets International book.

:question: Strange. :question: