N100TK down at KMCB

Dad called me this morning and said he’d witnessed a plane crash at about 430 this morning… Our house is on the extended centerline a few miles north of rw 15/33, KMCB, and planes fly over all the time landing on 15… He woke up to funny-sounding engines and got to the window in time to here a “thud” and see the fireball reflected off the low clouds.

i immediately opened up flightaware to see if there were any planes that had filed to KMCB and saw that a cessna 310, N100TK was supposed to land at the time dad said he heard and saw it. Eventually found that it landed in a forest about a quarter mile from our house, and only a few hundred feet from other houses. No injuries or damage on the ground with the exception of some power lines, all 3 on the plane perished.

would flight aware be any wiser of the crash? or does it just estimate a plane’s position?

Flight Aware only knows about crashes when somebody at HQ reads the same story we all read. The positions are reported by ATC radar and are only estimated by FA when there is no radar report and no arrival message.
I think.


wbrz.com/news/three-killed-i … ane-crash/

*"Martin said he believed there were three people inside the plane, and all of them were related.

The small private plane is believed to be owned by a doctor from Summit, MS, he said."*