N05TV??? What kind of Reg is this!



Looks like a VFR flight (note no aircraft type info), so probably just a typo by the controller.


Wonder if it was a traffic copter- though they fly almost exclusively VFR, they haft to chat alot with ATC, esp. so near the airport. The control might have just put in 5TV to help him keep track of the 'copter.


Probably this one:
(KING TV, Channel 5)


Jim Forman in SkyKing searching for a snowflake!

*note the altitude and speed 1700’ @ 100kts


Nice work porterjet!


Gotta give some credit to jreeves as well for his keen sense of perception in looking @ the reg. # and surmising what was we were looking at. Nice teamwork, Gents!!



It’s KING’s other copter. I didn’t realize their birds were so old. I figured they would buy new ones more often considering the utilization.

Do you think they’re tracking them now because of the weather?


“Five TV” is their callsign going in and out of KBFI, which they do multiple times a day.

This last week after they had lifted off, the controller was telling them how to get to his neighborhood on Whidbey Island, because they would get some great storm-damage footage there. Shortly thereafter, they announced they were heading that direction after telling their producer what he had said.

Another newscopter at KBFI is for KIRO-TV, Channel 7. It’s known as “Chopper Seven”, both on the newscasts and by the ATC.