Mystery PUS Gov't plane in Thailand


Can anybody identify this plane (and provide a tail number) in the link below that has landed at Don Mueng Airport in thailand.
It is potentially a US Gov plane there for the extradition of Viktor Bout

]( )


I’m sure this thread is gonna take off after I ask this, but …

what’s a PUS?



Reg N616WF



Very good question.


The only thing I can find: PUS is the IATA airport code for Gimhae International Airport in Gimhae, Korea but that doesn’t make much sense.


President Carter, perhaps?



Nice find. I think it is N618WF though.


Wells Fargo?


Nice find. I think it is N618WF though.

You’re right, I must be losing my eyesight. :confused:



Sorry. . . Just had to.


Could have had a more enjoyable evening without that. . . :wink:


Stomach turn over? :smiley:


Yup, it was the pictures that did it for me. :open_mouth: