invalid airport codes?


sorry, miss the airport codes.
here they are, for san juan- ksju and sju
or any other airport in puerto rico,keep getting
the same message invalid or unknow airport code.
for the virgin islands- stt- charlotte amalie and
stx- christiansted. same problem as aboved.

thank you for the help


San Juan is TJSJ; other airports in Puerto Rico are going to start with TJ followed by the first two digits of their IATA code (e.g. SJ from SJU).

From the main site (not the forums), you can click on “Don’t know the airport code?” on the left hand side and type in part of the airport name to get a list of options to click on.


thanks a lot to mduell and flight aware staff for help me
understand the right procedure to find airport codes.
you guys are great !


Check the 3rd item in the posting at … icao+codes

This shows all of the ICAO codes. These form the 1st 2 letters of the airport code. If you notice, the USA actually has 7 different codes:
K: 48 contiguous states
PA: Alaska
PB: Baker Island
PG: Guam
PH: Hawaii
PJ: Johnston Island
PW: Wake Island

Baker Island’s airport is abandoned, Johnston Island’s airport is closed and not maintained, Midway has 3 airport but only one is operational, and Wake Island has 1 airport.


Wake Island and United States Pacific Island Wildlife Refuges entries in the The World Factbook, published by the CIA (yes, that one, not the other one.


damiross,thanks a lot for your good information. now i have a
better understanding how this icao airport codes work.
as always you’re very knowledgeable and helpful.
again, many thanks.



I’m glad to be able to help.


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