Mystery airplane (To Me)


At Cedar Rapids today at the Rockwell Collins hangar was an aircraft with the tail number 4X-WSB. I don’t know the type of aircraft but it did arrive from the west at ~13:00. It appeared to have a rough primer coat. Any info?


Can you describe the aircraft better?
number/location of engines?
high/low/mid wing?

It could be a Gulfstream jet. Several models are produced by Astra in Israel (registration code 4X). See for a list of aircraft.


It had two engines mounted near the rear of the fuselage similar to most of the RJ’s that fly in and out of CID. Low mounted wings. I’m no expert but it may well have been a gulfstream or similar. At three points on the leading edge of both wings and one point midway up the rear stabilizer there were black painted rectangles with orange triangles or arrowheads pointing foreward. The engines only were painted green. The rest of the aircraft was a flat finish primer, though not military grey.


Was it Similiar to this: … tes/page/1


It did look very similar to this picture. I remember the intake (?) on the rear stbilizer but the nose cone was more rounded as I remember it. I should have taken a photo, but I could only read the numbers with my binos. Your links look pretty convincing to me.
Thank you.


Found this picture on Flickr: