Mystery aircraft.. (in the photo section)

Where do we submit our guesses? I’ve got the latest one nailed!

In the facebook comment thread.

Not everyone is on facebook , or wants to be on it.
How about another way to comment.


On a more basic note, where is this mystery photo to be found ?

Of course, that’s the real mystery. … 9961092863

Right here, … te/page/10

Of course, I know what it is, hint, designed by Burt Rutan, if you don’t know who he is, then you don’t know aviation.

For anyone else like me who won’t touch Facebook with a 10-foot pole, these ‘mysteries’ can be found under the Flightaware userid (newest first).

Number 3 is a Luscombe 11 BTW.
Number 4 - Champdriver’s got it.