My plane's not in there, why?


I decided to track my plane between KCMA and KIZA. Filed a flight plan, opened it, got flight following, and closed the flight plan on arrival… several times since summer 2007. But when I go in to track, it only shows ONE flight on 2 August. What’s up with that. Tail number is N4473F.

Also, the plane doesn’t show up on any departures out of KCMA.

Any enlightenment appreciated.



We only receive information for IFR flights; VFR with flight following, even with a flight plan, will not make it to us.
Even if you do fly IFR, we may not reliably here about such short distance/low altitude flights. We receive our information from a national level system, so if you’re just talking to Mugu (I can’t remember if they can get you over the hill) instead of LA Center we may not have your IFR flights.


Well, that would explain it. I must have missed wherever it says that private planes are only tracked IFR. I wonder why my 2 August flight ever made it into the system, as I’ve never filed an IFR flight plan. Mugu follows me, then Santa Barbara approach, then I get lost over the ridge past San Marcus VOR and pretty much terminate flight following from there on.

Thanks for the info.



KCMA-KVTU (by which I think they mean the Ventura VOR) is something we’d expect to see from an IFR-to-VFR-on-top clearance just to get you out of the airport. Even if you didn’t request/fly IFR-to-VFR-on-top, they may have handled you that way for their convenience.