My interesting (and fun) departure out of LGA on 7-12-2010


The tracking data doesn’t show it, but the departure of my flight, FL 422, from LGA to ATL Monday night (7/12/10) was weird.

We took off on 13-31 and the plane immediately went into a sharp tight left turn while climbing. It leveled a bit then did another vertical spiral. Imagine two almost 360-degree "loops"while ascending … so noticeable that I actually felt myself leaning into the spiral. Other passengers commented on it, too. Kind of like a mid-level-excitement roller coaster, just continually going up. At first I thought we were returning to LGA for some reason, except that we were rapidly climbing.

I figured it had to do with JFK or EWR or other traffic. It just seemed ATC wanted that flight as high, as quickly, as possible. I’ve flown out of LGA perhaps 150 times and never experienced such a … fast … departure.