ATL Blackhole? Or, why are planes flying backwards?

Someone else might have already covered this, I’m not exactly Mr. Current events or anything, but this was a new one on me. Today, I’m tracking a flight into ATL (Which wouldn’t track for a while and just showed estimated position), when suddenly it picked up again about 50 miles out, not all that interesting within itself, right? Well, after watching it fly for a few min, it started going backwards along its flight path, back to originating airport. I thought, huh, wonder if its diverting back? So, just to be on the safe side, I refreshed and it was 20 miles further along. So the plane went backwards for no reason… Ok, strange, but whatever, so I pulled up the map of ATL in general and let it go for a few min. This is where it got funny. After I came back, I noticed every single aircraft, probably about 30 of them, were flying backwards and getting sucked into the blackhole that apparently resides in ATL LMAO. Course, the flights coming from DFW or HOU were going back to their airports, but still, 30 planes getting sucked back into ATL was funny to watch. I’m gonna guess this is nothing new and I’m just now realizing this, any idea why it happens?

I’m going to take a wild, unsubstantiated, guess at what MIGHT have happened.
You said there was an estimated position for quite a while, when the actual data started flowing Flight aware started plotting positions, except the data flow was slow and started with the last actual position first…

Which would make sense as far as when the aircraft started tracking again. After this point, which is flew normally for a few min heading towards ATL, the aircraft icon pointed towards ATL, but the icon itself started retracing its previous flight path back to originating airport. Even given that the one plane might have had a hiccup, I can’t quite account for when I opened the ATL sector map and ALL the planes started going backwards. I mean, they were flying along perfectly fine leaving ATL and a few passing through the general airspace, but after 2 min or so, everything started going backwards still pointing to their destination airports. Was funny to watch though, lemmie see if it will still do it.

My dad used to say: “When you die and go to heaven, you have to go to ATL first.”

My guess is your internet speed was too slow to overcome the suck of gravity that is ATL.