My Flight got cancelled what do i do?


So i was informed at 3 am that my flt to miami that i was going to connect to SAP off of got canceleed due to the fing floods in texas. We are going in a group of 15 what are my options??? The latest flt to SAP from MIA is at 6 Pm???


I suggest the following:

  • Panic
  • Cry like a little girl
  • Go postal on a those stupid little critters that randomly pop up (you know, that critter hitting game)
  • Call Al Sharpton to raise hell for you. He hasn’t been in the news for at least three days now, so he is due.
  • Call your local Representative/Senator and demand that they let you borrow a government jet at taxpayer expense
  • Drive (DUH!) with the manditory “are we there yet” every 10 minutes
  • Click your heals twice and say “there’s no place like enter destination here


-Call the airline and ask what the options are…


Charter a plane (may need 2 for a group that large). For a group of 15, the costs aren’t too bad.



Apparently the group leader booked half the group on thurs and half on friday which is not good


Sorry, have to do it…



Maybe you should conduct a poll ipod


Call Airline
Do nothing / hope things straighten themselves out
Watch Train, Planes and Automobiles, look for ideas.
Find a new Leader.


Funny :confused: Whatever we just got it booked for sure so its ok cause we have 2 leaders and one is goin with each flight tommorow morning there 8 ppl goin bna-mia-sap and then on fri 7 ppl are goin bna-mia-sap


I hope you have good trip. Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches. 8)


All better!

Your texts message reminded me of an old Simpsons episode:

" The Leader is Good, the Leader is Great, we Surrender our Will, After this Date." or " NA NA Na Na na na Na Na LEADER!