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My correct location

Hy everybody:

I ´m having an simple issue trying to locate my real position in the control panel, flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user/danielur

There, I 'm not able to change my correct location in the droped menu, cause is not listed my home airport, near to my. SAZF, Olavarria. I’ve chosen another one, but no the correct.

Is there any posibility to fix it?

Regards, Daniel.-

Hi Daniel,
I believe the issue is because your are attempting to access flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user/danielur from outside the local network running your FlightAware feeder. From inside the local network, there is a 2nd column under the “Site Information” section that has “Update Receiver Position”.

I have the same issue. I see an “update receiver position” when I am logged into the local network or remote. It makes no difference. After updating my position I get a “location updated” message, but the location does not change.

I double checked my RasPI with a visual and, sure enough, it is still in Austin and not anywhere near England.

I don’t know how to Access from inside the local network… :open_mouth:


I’ll bet you do but just don’t realize it. :wink: Simply navigate to the URL flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user/danielur from a browser located at the same location as the machine feeding FlightAware. For example, if the machine feeding FlightAware is at your home, then navigate to the URL from also within your home. Most likely you will be on the same local network.

Oh Yes, Thank you crkbday !

I 've done it several times, it shows in google earth where to locate the feeder. I’ve located in, but my question is how to add my nearest airport. In the different options showed appears all the airports of the área except the nearest! :open_mouth:

I´ve selected one at 50 nm of me, and there is one at 7 miles, SAZF-OLA.

That’s all.

Greetings, Daniel.-

Apologies, this is a bug in the FA stats system. We’ll have it corrected today.