My Airports Arrival/Departure Times


Can someone tell me whats up with the arrival & departure times for my airport (KSGU)? I live a few hundred yards away and know what time the 1st FEDEX of the day arrives, the local carrier from KSLC or KLVS. However the times listed are all over the place; 6:40am, 1pm, 4:17pm???

I have been here long enough to know just by the sound what type it is, and by the time, what flight it is. I’m I doing/seeing something wrong?



I see two FedEx flights this morning into KSGU.

PCM8840 C208 Mc Carran Int’l (KLAS) 07:13AM PST 08:20AM MST
PCM8798 C208 Mc Carran Int’l (KLAS) 06:46AM PST 08:20AM MST

As a FedEx feeder they fly under their company name/callsign (Westair Industries, Inc. “Pac Valley”), but the plane is painted in FedEx colors.