My 30 second claim to fame....


No, I didn’t win the win a six or catch a cardinal but…

For those that get the April edition of AOPA Flight Training magazine, you can put a face to this poster’s name on page 68.



I am intrigued and repelled at the same time! :open_mouth: :wink:


Me too! 'specially when I see something that even closely resembles me… much less looking at my mug in a mag… :smiley:

Better watch it, emoticon police may say we are close to our limits. :stuck_out_tongue:



I feel fairly safe, I’m pretty sure those are my first two for the quarter.


As self appointed leader of Emoticons Pollute All, I disagree and arrest you in the name of all that is sane.

Your punishment shall be…

To Bring me a shrubbery!!!*

No no, wait sorry, lost my mind for a moment.

Your punishment shall be…

Disregard the copyright laws and scan the picture in question for all to see!!

*Actually, after the recent ice storms, a new shrubbery would be quite nice, a small one, that would fit quite nicely next to the cute little picket fence


Yeah, be my luck the RIAA (who probably would not give a flip anyway) would fine me 2 shrubberies and a partridge in a pear tree for posting a scanned image :laughing:



You could perhaps slightly alter the image.

It’s a good feeling though, isn’t it. I was approached at a famous boxing match a long time ago by a photographer doing a story on what women wore to the fight. Next thing I know, I’m in a national magazine across the page from Mrs. Trump. I could add that many at the fight probably arrived in private jets just to make this story related to aviation, or I could be honest and say I’m still relishing my brief fame. :stuck_out_tongue:

Since I unfortunately probably won’t be buying the magazine, may we ask what accomplishment we may attribute your sudden fame? Congratulations!


See … ght=#16802 that was shared with AOPA.



Allen, I remember that topic. It was the first one I read on this website and the reason I joined the forum. You speak for many.

My friend took me up in his little plane recently. My first time in a plane with less than 50 seats. It was at night. I was shocked at how much you can “feel” the air with the plane. It wasn’t like riding in a transporter, but rather a feeling of having wings on your body. He had me take the yoke and to my sudden surprise, I was in control of the plane. Everything I did either lowered the plane, lifted it or turned it. It was just like driving but in more than 4 dimensions. What a concept. He told me to just pick a spot on the horizon and keep it level. After about ten minutes of sheer thrill, and admittedly brief fear, I let go out of humbleness for being responsible for both of our lives, and I said, “okay, I’m done now.” He said “you’re fine.” I yelled back in a brief panic, “But I let go and no one is flying the plane right now.” He said ever so calmly, “There ain’t nothing you can’t do over there than I can’t fix from over here.”

I will never forget the experience. He let me fly.


Worth every penny spent in getting the pilot license to hear those words from a passenger…

I think you showed your emotions quite well on your post!

Thanks for sharing!