MSP mysterious got renamed


For some reason, KMSP now shows up as “St Paul International.” This is wrong for multiple reasons. First of all, the full title of the airport is “Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.” Secondly, Minneapolis is the larger city, and many travelers and booking websites just say Minneapolis. Being a long-time resident of the area, I’ve heard people call that airport “Minneapolis,” “Twin Cities International,” and “Minneapolis-St. Paul,” but never just “St. Paul.” Please fix this. Go back to whatever it used to say before. I think it was something highly abbreviated but that’s fine. Calling it “St. Paul International” is a clear error, and also causes confusion with St. Paul’s busy GA airport, which is St. Paul Holman Field. If you hear somebody mention “The St. Paul Airport,” they are talking about KSTP, and never KMSP.


That wasn’t supposed to happen. Sorry.


(almost) funny and true story: Originally, it was the tri (not twin) cities in Minnesota, with the third city being Stillwater. The state had three major institutions to distribute among the three: the state university, the state capital and the state prison. Stillwater got the first pick. The Stillwater city fathers are said to have followed this logic: the university will be full of boisterous students keeping the city residents awake at all hours. The capital will be filled with good for nothing politicians. The prison, however, will be a safe and quiet facility that will always create jobs for the city. They chose the prison. Today, practically no-one has heard of Stillwater, while Minneapolis-St. Paul are well known as the Twin Cities.


They changes GSP too.


I think the FA guys were confused…The only name change occuring was that of the restrooms. Named after their most frequent visitor, the “Senator Larry Craig Honorary Restrooms” are up and running!!

(Happy endings are subject to an additional facility fee.)