MSP International Expansion


MSP’s only international flights (not including Latin America or Canada) are London-Gatwick, Amsterdam, and Reykjavk. Northwest Airlines is really wanting to add more international flights. Some major contenders being Paris, Hong Kong, and Osaka. Lufthansa to Frankfurt, British Airways to Heathrow, and Air France to Paris (De Gaulle) have also expressed interest in flying to Minneapolis. But due to the the open sky policies, that is not reasonable at the time. However, MAC (Metropolitan Airports Commission has been trying to lift that. What does everybody think, should these carriers come to Minneapolis?


What I wonder is how MSP can support Icelandair??? Why did they pick MSP over ORD to serve? Back to the topic… I think MSP could sustain more Int’l flights with the big domestic base they do have.


Minnesota has a lot of people of Scandinavian descent. The can use Icelandair to fly to the old country via Reykjavik.


Well, people in the upper-midwest looking to fly to Europe, and don’t want to fly on Northwest, can make a connection in Iceland and go to many vacation cities.