Virgin America & JetBlue

I was wondering if you guys think either of these airlines would ever come to MSP?

Virgin America’s goal is to go to all major cities in the USA so I’m confident they will go to MSP. However, I don’t think it will be for a while.

JetBlue is taking delivery of a lot of planes so they need to fly them some place. It wouldn’t surprise me to see them flying to MSP within the next few years.

I think if NW gets acquired it becomes very likely, however, NW’s current management defends MSP very vigorously and any infringement on what they feel is their turf results in a very swift response on their part.

One way that I think either of those airlines can get in on that market without diluting it is to purchase Sun Country.

Unless they plan on just getting the routes and getting rid of the aircraft, I don’t see either Virgin America or JetBlue purchasing Sun Country.

Virgin America operates Airbus aircraft. JetBlue operates Airbus and Embraer aircraft. for the former, it would mean a new aircraft type. For JetBlue, it would had a third aircraft type to their fleet.

Sun Country operates a small fleet of modern aircraft. It would be very easy to dispose of for a very good price. I know about the fleet incompatibilities. Sun Country would be purchased for their gate space, flight crews, and presence in the MSP market.

Purchase an airline for gates at MSP :confused:

Am I missing something?

There isn’t a whole lot of excess gate space at MSP while Sun Country has several gates in the new Humphrey terminal. It’s really an ideal situation if you wanted to make a major assault on the MSP market.

It wouldn’t surprise me if JetBlue eventually brought the E190 to MSP with service to JFK or BOS.

However, I think it might be a while before Virgin gets to MSP.

Boston may actually be more likely, given there is only NWA on that route.

NWA loves Sun Country. They are an airline that keeps real strong competitors out, yet aern’t strong enough to be a huge threat to NWA.

Do you think they’ll ever make it to Atlanta?

Yield is really low in ATL due to FL and DL has a focus city at JFK, making the market very unattractive to Jetblue.

However, I can see Virgin America adding SFO service, since FL only has 1 flight a day.