Moving a adsb receiver



This is my first post!!! I used to setup my raspberry pi to send adsb data to flightaware, flightradar24, planefinder, and adsb exchange. I am looking to move the receiver to a new location. What all is involved in changing a location? Just updating the long and lat locations? Or is it easier to just wipe the raspberry pi and start over?


I think so. I did this once, and that was all I remember changing. And this is necessary only if you participate in MLAT calculations, and/or want to see the plane distances from the receiver on the map.

What I don’t know is if a single place for coordinates applies to all your feeds, if not, it may be easier to re-image.


Yes, but you have to do it for each of the 4 feeders individually.


  1. Flightaware feeder
    From your “My ADSB” page: For Beginners - How To Set Receiver Location

  2. Flightradar24 feeder
    sudo fr24feed --signup
    enter your email, sharing key, say yes to MLAT, then enter NEW figures for Latitude, Longitude and Antenna height.

  3. Planefinder feeder
    From web browser at this address http://[ip-of-pi]:30053/setup.html
    Click Enable Configuration Mode button at top-right of page. You will need your sharing key. Change Latitude and Longitude in Configuration page opened.

  4. Adsbexchange feeder
    sudo nano adsb-receiver/build/adsbexchange/

    This will open file with following text

    #! /bin/sh
    while true
    sleep 30
    /usr/bin/mlat-client --input-type dump1090 --input-connect --lat XX.XXXX --lon YY.YYYY --alt ZZZ --user YOUR_USER_NAME --server --no-udp --results beast,connect,

    Change --lat, --lon, and --alt values by NEW values.
    Save file (Ctrl+o), and Close (Ctrl+x).
    sudo reboot



You are the best!!! Thank you so much!!!