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This is my first post!!! I used GitHub - jprochazka/adsb-receiver: Create your own ADS-B receiver and web portal. to setup my raspberry pi to send adsb data to flightaware, flightradar24, planefinder, and adsb exchange. I am looking to move the receiver to a new location. What all is involved in changing a location? Just updating the long and lat locations? Or is it easier to just wipe the raspberry pi and start over?

I think so. I did this once, and that was all I remember changing. And this is necessary only if you participate in MLAT calculations, and/or want to see the plane distances from the receiver on the map.

What I don’t know is if a single place for coordinates applies to all your feeds, if not, it may be easier to re-image.

Yes, but you have to do it for each of the 4 feeders individually.


  1. Flightaware feeder
    From your “My ADSB” page: For Beginners - How To Set Receiver Location

  2. Flightradar24 feeder
    sudo fr24feed --signup
    enter your email, sharing key, say yes to MLAT, then enter NEW figures for Latitude, Longitude and Antenna height.

  3. Planefinder feeder
    From web browser at this address http://[ip-of-pi]:30053/setup.html
    Click Enable Configuration Mode button at top-right of page. You will need your sharing key. Change Latitude and Longitude in Configuration page opened.

  4. Adsbexchange feeder
    sudo nano adsb-receiver/build/adsbexchange/

    This will open file with following text

    #! /bin/sh
    while true
    sleep 30
    /usr/bin/mlat-client --input-type dump1090 --input-connect --lat XX.XXXX --lon YY.YYYY --alt ZZZ --user YOUR_USER_NAME --server --no-udp --results beast,connect,

    Change --lat, --lon, and --alt values by NEW values.
    Save file (Ctrl+o), and Close (Ctrl+x).
    sudo reboot



You are the best!!! Thank you so much!!!

I also have moved. I updated to 3.6.3 and my settings page is showing location source is my receiver, as I used to have a GPS dongle attached. Now my system is not allowing me to change locations from the old location. Any hints or ideas? Currently in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

you mean from the flightaware / myadsb page pop-up when you click ‘gray wheel’ top right ?

Drop an email to with the site info and we can clear out the old location for you. (sites with GPS-derived locations are a special case)

The new location (QTH) has a metal roof, so working on the configuration and the GPS will not reliably pick up good location data. I have it outside on a battery for a bit, and looks like the Lat/Lon is now correct, but altitude here is around 535 ft, and not the 5866 ft showing on the status settings popup. I can see why not using GPS is a help, as I seem to see the location changing periodically by a tiny bit. GPS works that way, especially with the inexpensive sensors. Gotta love electronics and software, as simple things are easily detected and easily fixed. The more complex aspects of getting things to work reliably is always much more problematic. The future installation in the attic area will be interesting.

It’s not that the sensor is cheap, it’s the problem of determining your location by triangulation. You block-out the ‘best’ signals (near vertical) and only get signal (more or less) from the horizon which will a location no better than a 2D fix.

Is this still correct? Didnt work for me. It said [ Directory ‘adsb-receiver/build/adsbexchange’ does not exist ]


That post you quoted is from Apr 2018 i.e. 4 years old. It is no more valid as after that,
adsbexchane has completely modified their installation script and installation files

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Issue following command, and in file opened, you will see your latitude and longitude settings. Modify these values to current ones.

sudo nano /etc/default/adsbexchange


Edited that file. Thanks very much


Sorry, forgot to tell you that after making changes and saving the file, reboot the RPi to implement the changes.

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