Relocating site question

Tried searching to no avail. I have all of the necessary parts to set up my second site but I won’t be able to install it at my friends house for about a week and a half. Is it possible to get it up and run it at my place for that time and just transfer it over to him? I assume the IP’s will change so it might make setting it up difficult later. Best bet is to just wait, set it up there and register with my account at that time? Thanks

Yes. just change the location on the Website after your shut it down at your place, before you power it up at the new location.
If MLAT doesn’t work, then the location info is the first place to look.

As always, thank you Jon. By changing the information it is done on the My Adsb page configure location tab?

You can use a GPS/GNSS device, smartphone or even google earth.