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Moving a flightaware receiver (solved, it's easy with GPS)

At home I have two ADS-B receiver, each on their own pi. Both of the receivers show under the same site on the flightaware website.

I am thinking about moving one of them to a new location (where it will also have a different IP address), If I take one of the receivers to the new location, how do I set the new location, or will it automatically show as a new location is it is on a different public IP address ?


Actually your statistic site shows 2 sites.
If you don’t know which is which, you can just relocate it and leave it off for 2 hours and you can see which one is which.
Then you can reconfigure the location for the site which was off for 2 hours.

Edit: Just click on the orange bar to select the 2nd site

No, it will not automatically show new location


For Beginners - How-to SetReceiver Location


Aha, now I understand the orange bar!

The receiver picked up its new position automatically, I presume from querying the GPS that is also connected to it (cheap GPS with PPS for “reasonably” accurrate time)