Most Underserved Major US city

What do you all think is the most underserved major US city?

my heavily biased vote: BNA

ABE :wink:


Zero legacies hub here.

What’s needed is a definition of “major city.”

While BOS is most assuredly a major city, I don’t think it’s undeserved just because there’s no hub there.

SAN, SAT, and SJC are all major cities yet they do not have any airlines with hubs there. They are all well served in spite of no hubs.

Added: In fact, it’s probably good that BOS, et al, don’t have hubs because studies have shown that airports with hubs have higher fares.


Sorry, triplets are excluded!

I would vote for MSP simply due to the Northwest monopoly and the fact the MAC keeps the monopoly alive

If you want to fly somewhere you have the choice of Northwest, Northwest partners or a few small carriers like Sun Country or Midwest (That have superior service)

Washington KDCA

I vote whole-heartedly for CMH. BOS and DCA may not be hubs, but you can catch a direct flight to just about anywhere from them, so they’re served pretty well in my book. CMH serves a city of nearly a million, and an area of probably close to 2 million people. Until the immortal ( :smiling_imp: ) Skybus begins service, there is no hub presence. Even when it was used by America West (and before that as a “mini hub” for TWA), the routes were quite limited.
I’ve talked to a few people who had never been to Columbus until the last few years, and every single one of them was amazed at how big and busy the city is. Outside of OSU, the country pays almost NO attention to it at all, and the airlines’ service reflects that.

Slot limited - can’t really increase flights there.

BOS is underserved only in nonstop flights to Asia (Seoul, Shanghai, Tokyo) and some other European destinations (Madrid, Moscow, Athens). The airport doesn’t make a good hub because of its geographic location anyways (being the largest and easternmost city in the US).

CMH got Jetblue this year so the city does has some importance in others eyes!!!

CMH got service to TWO CITIES: New York and Boston. It’s a start, yes, and I was the first to praise the added service; but a half dozen flights to 2 cities (which could already be reached via other carriers, BTW) per day is hardly opening the door to “new frontiers.” :slight_smile:

I went to the port columbus airport website and i agree with you wholeheartedly.

I’m surprised there are no non-stops to San Francisco/Oakland, Seattle, West Palm Beach, and San Diego.

Is there a great demand for international flights in Columbus right now???

EDIT: I spelled Columbus wrong :open_mouth:

I couldn’t tell you matter-of-factly HOW MUCH demand there is for int’l. flights, but I can tell you that 1)Columbus is the headquarters for several large corporations with international interests (I’ve listed them in previous discussions–I could PM you a list if you care), and 2)Columbus is very much a white-collar town with money to spend, as well as the largest single university campus in the country (with students from 6 continents), so there is definitely SOME demand. A more skilled and more informed statistician (than me) could tell us if there’s enough to support regular direct international service.

With money to throw around I’m surprised there isn’t more leisure destinations such as Aruba, St Thomas, St Maarten, and more importantly San Juan for the cruise ships and links to AA’s caribbean network. Hartford CT is a smaller city with similar demographics and metro area. It has multiple Cancun/Aruba charters plus the nonstop to San Juan on AA. Finally, Northwest is going to try Amsterdam flights to/from Hartford in the summer season in 2007.

Actually, metro Hartford has less than 2/3 the spending ability of Columbus according to the 2000 Census. The per capita income for Hartford was $13,428, while the per capita income for Columbus was $20,450.

Conversely, the per capita income for Hartford county CT was $26,047, while the per capita income for Franklin county OH was $23,059

Go figure.

Fwiw, Boston is neither the largest nor the easternmost city in the US. However, there is no larger city further east in the US than Boston.

Fwiw #2, one of the largest “cities” in the US has no airport at all.
-----> Brooklyn!

Why hasn’t anyone nominated Louisville or Milwaukee yet?? Omaha or DesMoines, anyone?? What airline wants to serve the great Rio Grande Valley of Texas? Harlingen/McAllen/Brownsville? A few million inquiring minds want to know!

Sounds like doublespeak to me. First you say Boston is not the largest easternmost city in the USA but then you say there is not larger city further east in the USA than Boston. Please explain.

Southwest, Continental, Continental Express, American, Allegiant, Ameriflight, Delta Connection, and FedEx, plus others I probably missed, all serve one or more of the airports mentioned on a scheduled basis. For the economics of the area I would say the Rio Grande Valley is well served.

Don’t forget to take into account that a dollar goes much farther in Ohio than in Connecticut, or anywhere in New England for that matter. That gives the folks in C-bus a little more spending power with the same (or even a little less) cash on hand. Several years ago, when Manny Ramirez turned down the Cleveland Indians’ contract offer for more $$ in Boston, someone in the media figured out that the cost of living difference actually meant he had less spending power with his Red Sox contract money. (I’m sure his agent didn’t care too much.)

You also have to look at CMH in proximity to other airports such as CLE or CVG. Delta has a Paris and Frankfurt non-stop out of CVG, as well as some island destinations. BOS is close to JFK, LGA, EWR by plane. Welcome to the hub and spoke system. It may not seem easy at some times, however the airlines are already in bankruptcy. As for Moscow, I think DAL is the only US carrier flying to Moscow from the US.