Boston Logan INT.


So am i correct by saying that Boston is not a hub for any airline? It is just a focus city from my understanding. There is a ton of traffic there and in a nice location why doesnt anyone use it as a hub?


Weather? Fog, snow, etc. Everyone using it as a focus city? Except for using it as an international hub, not sure it makes much sense. I guess I dont think a hub on an coast makes a great deal of sense unless your big up and down it


Yeah I can maybe see weather, but not just because its on the coast? JFK,LGA,MIA,LAX,SFO,SEA. Proabably others im forgetting.


You’re correct.

There’s a limited number of airlines so logically speaking there’s a limited number of hubs for the airlines.


ever BEEN to BOS?

the employees are not either the friendliest or the hardest working - a 75 minute turn is a majot accomplishment. . .


BOS makes a lousy domestic hub because you can only go south and west from there. JFK - EWR - LGA makes a little more sense in that NY is one of the financial capitols of the world, you get a lot of traffic in-n-outta there anyway. United uses IAD (Washington) because it’s centered between north and south along the east coast.


BOS was a ‘hub’, in the days before hubs. Northeast Airlines.

NE flew practically everything out of Boston and nearly went broke in the process. Then they got their salvation – Boston/Florida routes which, of course, ‘hubbed’ out of Boston.

Eventually Northeast was bought out by Delta.


I dont’ disagree about BOS being a “hub;” however, many, if not most, of the Florida routes were actually out of the NYC area, not Boston.


I give you an A- on your reply, Dami, because you’re right. Most of Northeast’s Florida flights did come out of the NYC area.

However, the “salvation” of Northeast was the Boston/Florida routes. The NYC/Florida routes came months later because that route award was heavily protested – mainly by Delta, Eastern, and National, I believe.

Boston/Florida came first.


It was Eastern and National. Delta didn’t get NY/Florida service until much later.

pre 1946: Eastern held a monopoly on NYC/Miami service
1946: National started service on the route

Delta, if I recall correctly, didn’t have NYC/Miami (or even Florida service directly from NYC) until it took over Northeast.


Now I’ve upgraded your replies to “A”. :laughing:


So am i correct by saying that Boston is not a hub for any airline? It is just a focus city from my understanding. There is a ton of traffic there and in a nice location why doesnt anyone use it as a hub?

Doesn’t JetBlue use it as a hub??


Not really.


You’ve Got to be kidding me right? :open_mouth: JetBlue is not only using KBOS as a hub but they are buying Delta and United out LOL! JBU is expanding KBOS into their second biggest hub surpassing Long Beach!


JetBlue is not using BOS as a hub. A hub, by definition, indicates published connecting flights. Using their online schedule, I couldn’t find a single flight that connected through BOS. Take a look at their route map. Connecting through BOS would add quite a bit of distance and time to any trip.


TRY A TRIP from Columbus, OH to San Jose, CA…
It routes me through BOS
(I used JUNE 3rd and 4th as my dates of travel)

Using their online schedule, There are only two places you can go from Columbus, OH - BOS and JFK.


Try something logical like I did: West Coast to Caribbean/Florida/East Coast and SYR/BTV to West Coast.

Naturally, if you try to fly to the west from a city that only has service east, you are going to get crazy stuff.


Adult Fare $299.00 USD

Wed, 16 May 07
Flight 472
Flight 3523
Operated by Cape Air and serviced
by non-jet propeller aircraft.
10:05 am Depart Oakland, CA (OAK) 6:43 pm
8:00 pm **Connect ** Boston, MA (BOS)
8:47 pm Arrive Nantucket, MA (ACK)

Is this logical?

Or this?

Adult Fare $209.00 USD

Wed, 16 May 07
Flight 638
Flight 1265 9:55 pm Depart San Francisco, CA (SFO) 6:35 am
9:00 am Connect Boston, MA (BOS)
11:20 am Arrive Columbus, OH (CMH)(next day)


Didn’t try the first one because the route map indicated the only flights from ACK was to JFK.

The second one is not logical. Unless something has changed in the past few years, you have to go past Ohio (where CMH is located) to get to Massachusetts (where BOS is located). In other words, you are going out of your way.


Don’t be so sure- in Ohio we are always “On the Move”. With all the freeway construction in Columbus it wouldn’t surprise me if they picked up the airport and moved it a couple hundred miles to the east.