ModeSmixer2 for adsbscope

I recently used the Globe-S to view flights with modesmixer2, along with MLAT aircrafts just as basestation. I am using a flightfeeder but modesmixer has made it to be recognized as rtl1090 like sbs-1 for basestation. I want to do the same with adsbscope but am confused about its settings and COM port option. I believe if Globe-S can work with it so does the adsbscope. Please give me way about its ports settings and COM settings on the basis of modesmixer2.


No COM setting is required. Use setting option NETWORK
On main menu of adsbSCOPE, go to other >> Network >> Network Setup and

  1. Place a check mark besides RAW-data client active
  2. Set in RAW data client:
    port 30005,
    URL to IP of Pi,
    data format to binary

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Only the raw data client option wasnā€™t ticked, unless I gave all. When I ticked that,it started working.