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Use old ADSB receiver for testing and feeding

Hi to all
Can someone tell me if It is possible to use and how an old sbs1-er receiver (I have 2 ) to feed via USB or Ethernet port and a pi3B+ my Flight Aware feeding site Fr24 and RadarBox?? I want to do this for testing and comparison purposes because I think those receivers like Radarcape, RadarBox, sbs1 sbs3 etc have better sensitivity and and probably range from any kind of dongles we use.Thanks

The SBS receivers unfortunately don’t provide data in a format that piaware understands, and they’re uncommon enough that there’s not much in the way of conversion tools that know how to talk to them either. I think the SBS-3 can output raw Mode S frames in some way, which could in theory be converted; I’m not sure if the SBS-1 family can. The decoded “basestation” CSV-like format does not have sufficient information to be useful, we need the raw messages.

The Radarcape may be better, for the SBS devices i very much doubt it would be better.

The ProStick+ has plenty of sensitivity, in some place it needs some extra filtering.
Using one of the external LNAs (uputronics or rtl-sdr blog LNA) usually results in very good range.

SBS devices don’t provide the raw received messages. That means you can’t really feed with it anymore because the feed clients want to see the raw data to avoid bad data.

Thank you all for your reply.

I used modesmixer2 to create a server listening on port 30005 & fatv 10001 so that the FA executables can connect