Kinetic SBS-3 to BaseStation to PlanePlotter setup


My setup - SBS-3 in basement, connected to a Ethernet switch, powered via a USB power supply. This allowed me the shortest cable length to the SBS-3.

I want to be able to use the SBS-3 tuners and also access the AIS decoding function which means BaseStation must be connected to the SBS-3 data port (10001).

Next, I am assuming BaseStation is running successfully with ADS-B traffic showing.

The configuration settings I eventually ended up with to allow Mode A/C info:
BaseStation->Settings->Data Settings->SBSn->Message Filtering:
I enabled options 2, 3, 4 & 5, the rest were off.
These items allow Mode A/C packets to reach PlanePlotter.

Now PlanePlotter:
Options->I/O Settings
enable “Mode-S/ADS-B----->” then
select “SBS1/3 direct TCP”
… and while we are here …
I have DDE output-> ACARS, HFDL and Mode-S selected. I don’t know how necessary these are but…

Next, Options->Mode-S receiver->Kinetic SBS family->SBS3 direct IP address
Enter and select ok.
This one is a cheat, you are actually accessing BaseStation (on the same computer) but it works and both Mode-A/C and ADS-B traffic get through to PP.

Now press the Green Start button to start PlanePlotter. Your map may not be in an area that will show traffic so if no planes show, glance at the bottom right of the PP window, you should see some number activity which indicates data is being received. Pressing the “m” key should pop the Message rate window open which will show the quantity of Mode A/C and Mode-S (ADS-B) traffic. This window showed me that BaseStation port 30003 was not passing the Mode A/C traffic but port 30006 does.

This isn’t necessarily a compete installation instruction set but it should assist you in getting PlanePlotter working with a BaseStation accessed SBS-3. I’m actually using a rather low powered netbook for this purpose and it seems to be handling these tasks quite well with the CPU showing 80-85% idle with XP Pro SP3. I will probably dedicate this setup, freeing up the main computer with no concerns if it isn’t running because the little netbook will continue feeding the aircraft info to wherever.


This one is a cheat

Yeeeessss ! The data flow is far better than the “standard” connection between PP and BS ! I have more than 600 messages/s instead of 290…

Basetstaion + 1090 Puck…