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modesdeco aplication ??? (found on facebook)

long story short.
various system suported , inc Rpi.

if this thing is realy much beter as dump1090 ,it is imho worth trying out xD
i think i play with it tomorow…

I haven’t tried it myself as it’s binary-only with an unclear license, but I’d be interested in how it compares to dump1090 in practice.

(Reminds me I have to follow up with the author about whether he’s going to start releasing source or stop linking to librtlsdr)

Is there anything out there that displays the coverage pattern similar to modesdeco2? I know flightaware does here but wouldn’t mind something locally.

i use virtual radar for that.

Virtual radar only shows the outline of the range. Seeing where there are gaps are in the overall coverage is useful in trying to understand where to optimally place the antenna.