MODE_S Plane database


Does flightaware maintain a dabatase of aircrafts against their MODE_S code? Is it publicly accessible?



I don’t know how you can pull it from flightaware, but you can obtain the US registry from here: … _download/

Extract the MASTER.txt file from the zip archive. For each line, the tail number is the first field, and the mode S hex code is the last field.

To simplify use, use ‘cut -f1,34 -d, MASTER.txt’ to trim the file down to just the tail number and hex code.

You’ll need to periodically refresh the MASTER.txt file from the web site to catch the occasional tail number changes.

Are there registry files provided from any other national agencies (e.g. for European and Asian aircraft)? I’ve found several sites that have that data, but I can’t find their sources.

AD LIte does this but it does not seem to work properly on “non SBS” install. So I was looking for a webservice or an online database I could query to update the SBS database of my virtual radar.

Try this database software. It’s updated every Monday.
Need to email them for the download link & instructions.

The above database software works great with the VRS software.

Thanks for the feedback, I emailed them.