ADSB ICAO Aircraft Address (e.g. 7C6DB7) to Aircraft Type and Carrier


Is it possible to lookup the aircraft type/carrier based on an ADSB ModeS Aircraft address?



Try these, there might be others as well


Good Old absolutely useless as I tried to call them from within an app and they blocked my IP, I mailed them numerous times no response, I posted a message on their site no response… I need the information for a system we are prototyping…

I think I’ll need to strip the IATA code from the Identification message (QF/QFA) then call a FlightAware API based on the flight number to get the equipment/Tail number, then determine if I have seen this Aircraft with the same data before.



Maybe this is why they don’t like you
Good luck.


Lol yep I’d even pay for the information! What’s interesting is FlightRadar24 are looking to make an API available (I’m still waiting on time frames as our window of presenting our prototype is is closing fast) at present you can call the following URL

However, given the copyright notice and the fact that I think after I called it a few times to see the reliability of the data, I believe they performed a DOS attack. What’s so frustrating is I have budget but no way of spending it.



It is a tricky problem because every country does it differently and many registries are not public.

There is an extract from FlightAware internal database of the data that can be made public (we have other datasources but they have usage restrictions) here:

That has Mode S address / registration / aircraft type designator info, where available. It is not particularly complete but perhaps better than nothing.