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Mode S beast gain setting?

I swapped my flightaware blue stick with my mode S beast…I had the gain set to 35 in piaware should I set it to zero since the beast doesnt have internal amp? or does it matter? Also on my 1090 performance graph everything but the ADS-B signal level is populated with data why is that?

dump1090 is still provided with the data via the beast protocol for display purposes.
statistics can still be derived from those data.
signal data are only connected for packets received by dump1090 itself.

gain setting will have no effect.

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ok great thanks!! I didn’t think it would matter but wasn’t 100%

I had to re solder a new sma connector on it but so far the results are a lot better than the blue dongle…-3dbfs dropped to 1.7 30 day average was 7.9. picking up traffic directly over head as well also ground traffic at logan 60 miles away as the crow flies…now to just get it on the roof in my outdoor enclosure…

This won’t be reported anymore, so it will go to 0.
(like the signal graphs)

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