Mobile WX


I want to use the mobile phone WX option, but I can’t change the subject line of my outgoing emails, I can only add to the body. So it would be nice if it could read both the subject and the body for airport codes.

Also, I would very much like to be able to email notify people my flight status. It would be great to send an email after my tailnumber has arrived, etc.

Thanks for the great work!


Hi – and thanks for the ideas. We already have a ticket open for the mobile e-mail METAR/TAF issue. As far as flight tracking, keep an eye on the web site and you can expect to see it in the coming weeks.


Great service! I would like to suggest moving the line “++ Visit for free, live IFR flight tracking and analysis ++” to the end of the email for those of us who recieve email metar/taf on cell phone. Users like of this service do not really need this advertisement, and it uses up limited screen/message space. Keep up the good work!


Done! Good tip; I use the service on my blackberry, so it’s not as disruptive for me. The e>metar service actually predates FlightAware’s tracking service by several years so that’s why it was on the top, but I imagine that most of the userbase has seen the notice by now. Either way, it’s below the weather data now.