MNRF FBP-1090s filter question

I ordered an MNRF FBP-1090s ADS-B SAW filter which a search tells me a few people here use. I have a couple of questions but the seller doesn’t respond to chat on Lazada which is where I purchased it.

  1. It has an SMA male on one end and an SMA female on the other. Which one goes to the antenna and which one to the SDR dongle? There’s nothing on the label in the pictures to indicate. (I imagine that the male connector goes to the dongle but I want to know for sure so I can make sure I have adapters if needed.)

  2. Is this a passive filter or does it require bias-T power?


I don’t have this filter, but:

  1. SAW filters are bi directional, so it doesn’t matter which way round you put it.
  2. They are passive device and do not need bias-T power.
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You should probably contemplate which connector fits into which and what connectors are used on the SDR.
The SDR has an SMA female connector.

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@LawrenceHill: Thanks. That answered my questions. :smiley:

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