ADS-B 1090MHz Band-pass SMA Filter In and Out

Is the FlightAware ADS-B 1090MHz Band-pass SMA Filter bidirectional or is there an In and Out? Is there a directional convention using SMA male and female connectors?

The filter is not shipped with a datasheet.

I have a collection of SMA adapters and am confused with the combinations of male and female barrels with male or female cores.

Thank you.

According to a flightaware response to a question on their Amazon listing:

The SMA male connector (to the right of the image nearest the end of the "Flightaware logo) connects to the receiver. The SMA female connects to the coax cable from the antenna … B010GBQXK8

Hope that helps

Have used it both ways and no discernible difference.

Would like for someone from FlightAware engineering to verify this is a passive bandpass filter with or without specific orientation, and explain the circuitry if possible.

I use many BPF’s in ham radio and they are all bidirectional.

The FlightAware bandpass filter is passive and has no orientation.

It has the exact same frequency response in both directions.