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Filter/ 1090 Antenna Setup Question


Pardon my ignorance! I received my filter today and it has me a little confused. Every picture I have seen of the filter shows the SMA Female end (just threads showing) on the left, and the SMA Male end (six-sided connector) on the right - when you look at the filter with the sticker facing in the correct direction (where you read it normally, not upside-down).

My filter is the exact opposite. I don’t know if mine has the sticker upside-down, or if I have bought the wrong cables.

Could someone please verify the correct installation, or point me to a website?

I thought the antenna had a female N connector, That I needed a coax cable with an N Male connector to attach to the antenna and a SMA Male end to screw into the threads on the filter. I thought a pigtail with an SMA female end screwed into the SMA Male connector on the other end of the filter and that a TNC connector attached to my SDR dongle.

Thank you!





I can’t thank you enough! Exactly what I needed.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



As a general rule, it doesn’t matter which way filters are connected. The FA filter can be used which ever way the connectors suit your setup.


Thanks gecko! That is a relief! I really appreciate your help.

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