MLAT setup

looking for fellow tracker to setup mlat in vicinity of Santa Clarita CA. it says my receiver is capable of mlat but i don’t know howto, i read it needs other tracking stations to collaborate.
email me.


It looks like MLAT is enabled.
Have you entered your location details.

Prior to last Wednesday your setup seemed to have a greater range. Did you move the antenna or did the antenna system get water into it?

yes the location coords are there. and no change in antenna height, just added an lna.
checked the stats this morning, i saw the mlat connected. but there was no mlat stat!

You may need to turn the gain down with an LNA, especially if you don’t use a filter.
Check out this thread ads-b-flight-tracking-f21/gain-adjustment-t37172.html

yey got it. i do not know how but i got mlat stats! :laughing:

You look a lot better today compared to any time in the last month.
I think your location settings took affect. It said Santa Clarita(I think yesterday). Today is says Santa Paula.
I guesses your location if it doesn’t have the exact details(also MLAT needs a fairly accurate location setting to work).
Good luck.