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MLAT red

Hi my Pi2 has been stable but recently the MLAT button has been red intermittently and I have zero MLAT stats for the past 2 days.

MLAT is enabled.

Any thoughts please?

Mouse over the red MLAT text; does it display any clues explaining what the issue is?

Hi it says disabled/not sync’d/lat long not set.

How do I sync?

You can’t synchronize yourself.
It also says /lat long not set.
If you set location correctly, FA server will synchronize automatically.

For Beginners - How-to Set Receiver Location



I am getting this log

mlat-client(3900): Server status: clock unstable


Seems hardware issue at your end. Most likely Power Supply Unit. See these posts

Also see this thread:

Mlat-client clock unstable (only sometimes)


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The RPi uses a clock sync once a day (at least mine is doing it) maybe this is currently not working on yours

Your stats show you had MLAT working in the past.

Did you modify the location?
An imprecise location is the most common cause for “unstable clock”.

From the statistics page;
Location Set: 22 January 2019 12:17

There are a few sites local to VK2GEL that report MLAT flights but don’t show MLAT as synchronised.

Thanks all for your help. Rebooted and MLAT has been working for 2 days now. Will let you know if it stops again. G

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