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Mlat packets dropping

Not sure how long this has been happening as I kind of been neglecting my setup and it’s just chugging away but noticed on my status page for my feeder (the one on Flightware under “my ADSB”) it says all my mlat traffic is not reaching the servers. I made sure to allow the UDP ports specified, but is there maybe something that changed that they did not change in the message?

Currently I’m allowing UDP 1194 and 4999-9999, and TCP 2222,1200 and 443 outgoing is there any other ports I need to allow? Don’t need anything inbound right?

Or is this normal and just means there’s a lack of mlat traffic in general? There are only a few sites in my area.

Try expanding that range to 4999-19999 (the range expanded a while back to handle the increasing number of connected feeders)

Thanks that may have done the trick. Message says 52% drop rate now instead of 100, which will probably eventually go to 0 and clear up. Flight feeder shows mlat green now too.

Edit: Yep all good now, thanks again!